Koco Crunch Plantain chips is the newest crunchy snack on the lips of our increasing clients every day. It’s made with the best of non-gmo plantain sourced from a reliable farm and healthy cooking oils that prevents any health issues. Through proper advertising, we hope to reach our objective of profit maximization.


Koco D’Luv is a leading snack processor of Koco Crunch Plantain Chips (Ripe and Unripe). We use the best practices through routine inspections and tests during processing specification and corrective action at every production to ensure that only the best quality product is delivered to its consumers. Our experience in successful partnerships means that we understand the challenges and deliver products to aid you in reaching your objectives. Our Company was established in the year 2018 and it has since then been expanding production wise. Now we have shops we supply to in Ghana and distribute to USA and Nigeria.

  • To be the leading crop processor and exporters across the West African
    sub-region and beyound.

  • To bring hope and offload the burdens of farmers by saving perishable produce,
    add value and present it to the bigger market.

    • To provide quality products that ensures the highest possible customer satisfaction.
    • To continuously improve our product and processes.
    • To meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations.

    We do the right thing always to those we serve.

    2. DELIVERY 
    Amazing products

    We do better than anyone.

    4. SYNERGY 
    We are smarter together, we build a positive team environment.

    We capture opportunity and make it happen.

    6. GROWTH
    Personal development and continuous improvement to enrich our lives.

    Client Testimonials

    Nothing is more important to us than the satisfaction of those who patronize our product. Below are just a few of the many positive messages we’ve received from our customers.

    Koco Crunch Plantain Chips taste so amazing because it’s made the Ghanaian Traditional way. Thumbs up or Thumbs down, its rare we get a thumbs down.
    If you had a problem with Koco Crunch and the experience was unpleasant, please tell us why, where you bought your chips or send your comments to kocodluv@gmail.com.

    OUTLETS: Currently you will find Koco Crunch products at;

    Adabraka : +233 545855908

    ƲrbanMart  Worthy Avenue Sakora-Madina: +233 266675090

    Kanda: +233 540930605

    Shidaa Sonn-KIA, Terminal 3 Departure: +233277814141

    Lagos: +234 8037067332

    Virginia USA: +1(703)5819075

    Cape Coast Shell: +233544255617

    Blue Top Villa, Kasoa: +233 247543908

    Kwabenya Shell: +233554315148

    Lagos : Daniel Ochumba
    Virginia USA : Ayisha Quaino